Partner in Crime is an independent theatre company, consisting of young, experienced performing artists. The theatre was founded in 2015 with a focus on new Danish plays and a vision to get more young people to go to the theatre. Our development of theater performances and projects is always based on various forms of research as the basis for the product. We create theatre that is present with current content, based on the real world and everyday struggles in a modern society. Intimate theatre with both nerve and humour telling ‘thump in the stomach stories’ about real human beings and being human. For us is it all about developing and realizing stories with new perspectives, told in new ways and through that create conversation and debate. It must be honest and go into direct relation with the audience, because it’s all about the audience.


The theatre company was originally created because we believed there was a lack of theatre that spoke directly with and targeting people aged of 18-30. The reality is that this group in every aspect is both young and adult, which paradoxically makes them embrace a huge variant of interest and subject, while also being very specific regarding what catches their eye. This target group has an extreme potential as they are reflexive and mature enough to take in the art. However, they are very selective, when it comes to popular culture with many offerings, and we find it important to make the theatre a part of this culture. We want to give this target group an experience of relevant performing art, that speaks directly to them. We have a mutual responsibility to create diversity in the arts, because it’s for everyone. This applies to both gender, social class, thematics, history, information, entertainment and age. In Danish theatre, age is generally divided into; “children- and youth” and “regular adult theater”. Admittedly, the youth discount applies to theatre tickets up to 25 years, but usually youth theatre equals teenage theatre, and teenagers must be 13-18 years of age. The theatre experience is subjective and therefore also depend upon the audience. We want to contribute to the diversity in the theatre scape by addressing the audience group that has no box to tick. It is both young and adult.